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The last couple of races we have done we have people walking up to the timing tent to let us know that they are not in race results. So the first question we ask them is when did you cross the finish line? Typical answer is “I just crossed a couple of minutes ago”. Chip timing is a great thing for races, however it has in many ways spoiled participants in that if they do not immediately see themselves on the results board they think they were missed. We always update our results about every 5 minutes at a race and replace the old with the new. So if you cross the line and immediately go look at results then you will probably not see yourself yet.

Also remember that there is no perfect timing system out there on the market. And if you have a company tell you it the best in the world or that it gets 100% reads all the time, you are being lied to. This means of course that every once in a while you could get missed. But that is why we also run back up systems. Our company actually runs 2 back ups behind the primary system to ensure we capture everyone in the race. So although our timing system may only get 99.98% reads, we will get 100% in results. If you find there is a problem, here are some tips.

1. Be courteous to the race timer. They are working to keep hundreds, if not thousands of people happy.
2. Be patient. A quality race timer will find your time and get you in results where you need to be.
3. Before you approach the timing folks, be sure you have looked at different areas of results. Perhaps you got put in the wrong gender or age group. If you find this just let the timer know and its an easy fix.
4. Make sure you were in fact wearing your correct race number with timing chip appropriately.

At the end of the day we always want everyone who completed the race to appear in results and be happy.