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In Central Florida a 5K on any given weekend from September through May is common. And chip timing in Central Florida for races is the standard, not the exception. So if every race pretty much gives you a good course, food afterwards and a nice t-shirt how can races be improved upon? Is there enough forward thinking when it comes to these events or will all 5K events pretty much be the same thing no matter where you go? Here are just a few things that we feel may make the 5K races in Central Florida just a little more appealing.

1. Have some races that are not always on Saturday morning. Perhaps more evening races. Maybe runners would invite their friends at work to participate with them after hours.
2. Better goody bags. It seems that over the years goody bags have suffered. Not so much goody anymore. Get your sponsors to provide some fun items in the bags. If in doubt just ask yourself what would you like to see as a goody.
3. Have a gimmick. Don’t just put on another “Run for our Charity” 5K. Be creative and create an EVENT, and then when people are having fun and inviting their friends your charity will inevitably make money for the cause.

These probably sound like common sense approaches but more and more events are losing their flare and in Central Florida, much like other markets I assume, the race community is becoming more competitive.