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Yep, that is right, all of these folks have registered for the Valencia College 5K.  Now we cannot tell you if they are in fact the sports celebrities, or if they just share the same name, or if in fact they registered using these names just to have some fun.  We really do not know, because when registering for a Central Florida race, we do not ask them to prove who they are.  If you are registering for a bigger event like the Boston Marathon, Chicago Marathon, or Disney Marathon or any of the big marathons, you must show ID when picking up your race number to participate.  But in community events we keep things a little more simple.

Wouldn’t it be fun to think that Dwight Howard would come out to the race.  He may get an education in a Florida Race Timing.  Or even better Michael Johnson.  Olympic track star who could probably give us an education in race timing, maybe.  Regardless a Central Florida 5K is a great community event, and it would be quite a treat if we all showed up to find Dwight Howard lining up to go for a run with the community.